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The Way of Life - The Church Or Christ? - Jerry Depoy

You're probably thinking, this post is about what Christ said in John 14:6. Your close but,  maybe I will elude to it later because it has much relevance to this post. Religion can be misleading in the life of a person who does not understand what they believe and why then believe it. Attending or having a membership, in a specific denomination of the Christian faith, is no guarantee of eternal life nor is it a reflection of ones relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jerry Depoy -  Pastors and elders are merely servants of Jesus Christ and the Gospel, that's what the Apostle Paul identified himself as in Romans 1:1. My question is, if then servants of Jesus Christ why do so many believers hold their church leaders in such high esteem? Believers will often say; "My Pastor teachers us..." or "We at First Baptist Believe". Seldom do you hear Believers state " It is written in Gods word" or "The Bible teaches...". All to often I hear people rep

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